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Popular Computer Careers

Computer Networking

In a computer networking career, you'll have opportunities to interpret problems and provide technical support for networking hardware, software and systems.

Database Administration

With the Internet generating huge amounts of data, there is a need to store and manage it effectively. A DBA works hard to do so.

Web Design

Being a web designer means you're at the forefront of technology. Armed with your creativity and a computer, you can design functional works of art seen and used by people all over the world.

Web Development

The increasing popularity of the Internet and advances in browser functionality have made talented and well-trained web developers a hot commodity in today's job market.

Technology Management

If you have technical, business and leadership skills, and are willing to get the appropriate IT management training, a career in information technology management may just be right for you.

Information Technology

Information technology is a vast and growing field, covering such occupations as computer support specialist, network engineer, database administrator, web developer and webmaster.

Management Information Systems

Specializing in both organizational knowledge and computer systems expertise, information systems training leads to careers building and maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Computer Animation

Animation has evolved since Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928. Today computer animators take sketches on paper and turn them into fully realized characters and animations.

Computer Career Spotlight

Thinking about a career in game design?

Here's what you should consider when you're checking out game design schools:

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About Computer Certifications

Earning a computer certification proves that you have specialized knowledge and competency in core hardware or operating system technologies.

Computer School 101

Computers are used in nearly every business, and career opportunities are plenty. Attending a computer school is an excellent way to get started.

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