Earning Recognition as a Web Site Designer

Find inspiration and learn about popular trends in web design.

trophies on blue table

By Joy Hutton

For movies, there are the Academy Awards. For television, the Emmys. Theater has the Tony Awards, and music has the Grammys. But web designers compete to achieve virtual stardom in a number of prestigious awards. If you are an aspiring web site designer, read up on the awards listed below, so you can work your way toward becoming one of the greats in the growing industry of web design.

Web Design and Development Awards

Interactive Media Awards

Web site designer school will help you if you're interested in an Interactive Media Award. A diverse education in web design, content and compliance is vital if you covet one of these cross-discipline awards. They are awarded quarterly depending on your site's topical category.


A long-standing annual award from the U.S.-based Web Marketing Association, WebAwards honor web sites in numerous topical categories based on criteria in design, innovation, content, technology, interactivity, copywriting and usability. Be sure to work with a dynamic web site design team if you decide to pursue this award.

ADDY Awards

An annual advertising competition, the ADDY Awards include an annual interactive media award along with their typical print, poster and television awards. Focusing on advertising, the ADDYs branch out into subsections such as microsites, webisodes and consumer websites. Aim for this star if you want to use your degree in web design for marketing purposes.

Clio Awards

Similar to the ADDY Awards, the Clio Awards focus on various advertising media and offer an annual interactive web site award at the Clio Festival in Miami each year. Only one award is granted to interactive media annually though, so winning this web design award is sure to catapult your career!