CompTIA Linux Certification

Learn about CompTIA Linux certification and training.

CompTIA is the leading association representing the international technology community. Its goal is to provide a unified voice, global advocacy and leadership, and to advance industry growth through standards, professional competence, education and business solutions. The CompTIA Linux certification is one of many educational programs CompTIA has put together.

CompTIA Linux Certification Background

linux certified professional by computer

Linux is a Unix-like operating system based on the Linux kernel and is one of the most prominent examples of open source software. All the underlying source code can be used, modified and redistributed by anyone under the terms of free licenses.

Historically, Linux distributions have mainly been used as server operating systems, but Linux is also installed on a wide variety of computer hardware, from mobile phones to supercomputers, and its popularity as a desktop and laptop operating system has been growing. While Linux is mostly used on desktops and servers, it may also be customized for different purposes including computer architecture, embedded systems, security and targeting of specific user groups.

Linux also runs on systems that were only intended to use a manufacturer-created operating system such as Macintosh computers, video game consoles, portable music players and mobile phones.

Support for common Linux applications is roughly equivalent to those available for Mac and Windows, and this is where you come in.

Training for a CompTIA Linux Certification

CompTIA Linux+ certification is an information technology credential that validates the knowledge of individuals with at least six months of practical Linux experience. Professionals who want to certify their technical knowledge in basic installation, operation and troubleshooting for Linux operating systems should consider a Linux certification.

The skills and knowledge measured by this examination were developed with global input to assure accuracy, validity and reliability. Earning the CompTIA Linux+ designation means the following:

  • You can explain fundamental open source resources and licenses
  • You can demonstrate knowledge of user administration
  • You can understand file permissions and software configurations
  • You can manage local storage devices and computer network protocols

Because Linux, by its nature, is vendor-independent, there was a strong need in the industry for a basic, comprehensive Linux certification. Getting a Linux certification gives you a recognized industry credential that offers proof of knowledge and expertise in Linux technologies. A Linux certification also provides a path to a variety of fulfilling and challenging Linux-related careers.