Guide to Oracle Training

Learn about the two types of Oracle certifications required to work on Oracle databases.

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Oracle's relational database management system (RDBMS) has become a major presence in the world of computer databases. Oracle databases offer numerous advantages, including performance, scalability and redundancy. But added database complexity in today's business world requires more support, so the opportunities are excellent for those interested in Oracle training, and pursuing a career in database management.

Oracle Certified Associate

Certifications are reliable validations of Oracle training and experience that accelerate professional development, improve productivity and enhance credibility.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) certification is considered a typical first step to obtaining the more advanced OCP DBA, and as such is an important credential for entry-level Oracle professionals. The Oracle OCA gives you a firm foundation in the basic skills of Oracle database administration.

To earn the credential you must pass two exams that require both classroom Oracle training and hands-on-practice: Basic Administration and Web Administrator Certified Associate.

If you are currently certified, you should always remember to upgrade your certification to the latest release.

Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator

Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator certification (OCP DBA) is one of the highest industry certifications for individuals who design, operate, maintain and troubleshoot Oracle databases.

OCP DBAs have a combination of Oracle training and skills which allow them to manage and work on critical database functions and projects. According to Oracle, required skills include network administration, extensive backup and recovery experience, and practical experience tuning an Oracle database, which are all essential to managing an enterprise-level information system.

OCP DBA certification requirements vary:

  • Required OCA certification
  • One to two additional Oracle certification courses
  • Hands-on training
  • Pass five to six exams

Those getting their OCP DBA certification learn how to:

  • Do data analysis, data modeling, database design and PL/SQL programming
  • Analyze, investigate and recommend solutions to application performance and functional problems
  • Interact with users and developers to understand the scope and the particulars of requests for bug fixes and system improvements

If you're already certified on previous releases of Oracle you can upgrade to future releases by taking and passing one migration exam.