Advantages of Attending Accredited Colleges

Learn why accreditation of computer training programs makes a difference.

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Accreditation is an independent review of educational programs to verify that the education provided is of uniform and sound quality. Accredited colleges pass a review, ensuring that the program has been evaluated and meets standards of quality for computer training determined by the organization granting the accreditation.

Accredited Colleges for Computer Training

Accreditation guarantees that a school adheres to high quality standards based on the latest research and professional practice. Accredited colleges must continue to demonstrate during regular review cycles that it is developing and growing, not just maintaining existing standards.

Qualify for Financial Aid
Accreditation of an IT training program also creates a gateway to participate in federal and state student financial aid programs. In order to receive federal financial aid, a school must be accredited by a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) recognized accrediting body. All Computer Schools only lists schools accredited by a DOE-recognized accrediting body.

Qualify for Graduate Computer Degree Programs
Schools often only recognize credits earned at institutions holding the same level of computer training accreditation. Graduates from computer degree programs at accredited colleges qualify to attend other accredited schools to pursue advanced studies, including MBA programs. Accreditation also affects transfer credits if you should relocate while in the process of pursuing, for example, your MBA.

Earn a More Marketable Computer Degree
Attending an accredited computer school can also make you more competitive in the job market; some employers only accept degrees from accredited institutions when considering promotions or salary.

Accrediting Bodies

The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) accredits online or distance learning programs that have been in existence for at least two years. Regional accrediting bodies accredit an entire college or university.

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognizes the following regional accrediting agencies:

  • Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
  • New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges