Management Information Systems Careers and Degree Guide

Learn about careers in information systems management and IT management.

information systems group discussing network issues

Information systems management professionals are in the field of computer system design. Management information systems (MIS) directors manage information systems and computing resources for an entire organization.

They plan, coordinate, research and design computer-related activities by maintaining hardware, updating software and manuals, monitoring system performance and handling security issues. They also make hardware and software upgrade recommendations. Management of information systems also involves supervising a team of support specialists and programmers.

Strong technical knowledge is imperative for those in this field, as well as the ability to express that knowledge in non-technical terms. Many information systems managers have previous experience as systems analysts; others may have experience as a computer support specialist, computer software engineer or other information technology professionals. An IS professional may have a large number of management information systems job titles and positions during his/her career such as:

Education and Training

  • While both a Master of Information Systems degree and an MBA with a concentration in management information systems will prepare you to assume technology management positions within the field of MIS, the MBA degree's broader curriculum will provide you with strategic skills that are transferable to other areas.
  • An MIS degree will surely provide you with greater information systems expertise, but fewer transferable skills. Candidates who have an MBA with a concentration in IS will have the best chance of landing information systems management positions, although employers also seek workers who possess advanced technical knowledge and strong communication skills.