Web Design School and Degrees

Learn the importance of attending a web design school.

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Finding the right web design school for you can be a challenge. Here's what you need to know. Many accredited colleges and universities now offer web design degree programs. Two-year associate's degrees or certificate programs are most common, although it is possible to earn a diploma or bachelor's degree in web design. Online web design degrees are also great options.

Earning Your Degree

Attending a web design school offers several advantages. First, you'll benefit from the guidance of seasoned instructors, many of whom are professionals in the field. Second, you'll receive standardized, quality instruction in the technical aspects of web design.

Web design degree programs include courses on how to use common web design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver. They will also cover programming languages such as HTML, Java and Flash. A well-rounded program will also include one or two classes in art and design. While attending web design school, you will also meet other web design students and employers who can become valuable contacts in your future web design career.

Building Your Portfolio in Web Design School

Another important aspect of attending web design school will be the creation of a work portfolio. A web design portfolio, or collection of your work, is a vital part of the web designer résumé. A web design portfolio allows you to display your work to potential employers and to show them your capabilities and can influence your web designer salary. Some companies will not even consider web designer candidates who do not submit a portfolio.