Web Site Design Training Programs

Web design training is the first step to a beginning career in web design.

A Combination of Skills

web site designer at her computer

Web designers are business savvy artists with a knowledge base that includes art history, illustration, painting, photography, typography, interactive media, film and video, and computer design software.

A well-rounded web site design training program in art, technology and business is what you'll need to start your career in web design.

Art and Design Principles

Web site design is all about the visuals. Enhance your natural artistic sense with formal training in the principles of art and design.

"Having a strong base in general art and design is important," says Julie Gau, a graphic web designer. "Take those standard visual art classes seriously. They provide the strong foundation and the basic rules for any kind of design. A web designer has to understand visual organization and the effects of color and movement. Designing for the web is primarily about sight. There aren't too many chances for other senses to 'save' a bad web page. Learn as much as you can about visual art."

Web Site Design Software

A web designer is an artist who uses keystrokes instead of a pencil. Designing for the web requires basic computer skills, knowledge of image manipulation software and an understanding of web markup languages.

Web site design training provides technical expertise in one or more of the following areas:

  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Java
  • Flash
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Action Script

Business Savvy on the Web

A large part of being a web designer involves working with clients, their marketing department, technology management executives, web developers and other technical staff to put together a web site. You'll need good communication skills in order to coordinate and finish projects by deadline.

If you are just beginning your career or have never worked for yourself before, you may find it helpful to take a web site design training course on starting and operating your own business. The web design field is highly competitive. You may, at least initially, have to work as a freelance designer to get work experience and build your portfolio. Taking general classes in business marketing or advertising may also help you design more effective web sites for your customers.