Web Developer Income

Learn what you could earn in a web development career—and how to increase your salary.

A Great Income for Web Developers

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An already substantial web developer income can grow to astonishing heights, depending on your experience, seniority, type of job, type of company and geographic location. When you take potential bonuses and stock options into account, income for web developers can jump another $5,000 to $10,000. These types of incentives are common in the fast-growing technology companies where many web site developers work.

Web Developer Income

By strict definition, web developers write code, build databases, and otherwise enable the backend functionality of a web site or web-based application. Here are some examples of median annual income for web developer jobs that fall into the web development category:

Web Developer CareerMedian Annual Salary*
Web Software Developer $74,257
Java Developer $85,057
Senior Java Developer $99,053
Web Content Engineer - I $81,707
Web Content Engineer - II $111,658
Web Content Engineer - III $125,159

Sources: Salary.com, 2016; Web Software Developer; Java Developer; Java Developer, Sr.; Content Engineer I - Web; Content Engineer II - Web;Content Engineer III - Web.

Specialized Skills Help Salary

With the economy improving and many businesses turning to technology and the Internet for a competitive advantage, income for web developers is expected to remain stable or improve in the coming years.

You can increase your income by standing out in the marketplace, by pursuing a degree or specialized certificate. The field of web development is always evolving, so you'll never run out of opportunities to enhance your abilities with web development training. Income for web developers who are experts in one or more of these areas is often above average:

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • AJAX
  • Mobile application development
  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) development
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Flash

Soft Skills Pay

The ability to connect with coworkers and clients—instead of just computers and code—is often referred to as having "soft skills." Web developers who take the time to cultivate these skills will increase their opportunities to get ahead and maximize income.

Income for web developers who communicate effectively with others and demonstrate team spirit can grow rapidly. These individuals are highly valued by their colleagues and supervisors. They help to bridge the gap between backend web development work and related disciplines, such as web design, marketing and product management. They are also much more likely to be promoted or given management responsibility as they gather business knowledge that can help them in the future.

*The salary information listed is based on a national average, unless noted. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. National long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.