Web Development Career Guide

Everything you need to know about web design and development careers, training and certification.

The Joys of Problem Solving

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From the simplest web page to the most complex online business or application, web developers make the Internet run. They write and constantly improve the source code that is hidden behind everything we see when we surf the web.

Do you have a passion for figuring things out? Do you love finding new ways to solve problems? Web development careers are guaranteed to hold your interest. There will always be something new and exciting for you to learn as Web technology continues to race forward.

Salary Outlook

With the Internet playing a huge and growing role in business, entertainment, government, education, and many other aspects of our lives, it's easy to see why qualified web development professionals are in high demand. Employers are willing to pay what it takes to hire web developers with the skills and experience they need.

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Web Development Training

In the early days of the Internet, anyone who could write HTML was in demand as a web developer. Now employers are looking for web development professionals with a degree, as well as a few years of work experience.

One great way to launch your career as a web developer is with a bachelor's degree in web development. There are also many benefits to pursuing a more general degree, such as computer science or computer software engineering. These types of degrees give you an excellent foundation, so you can focus your career in the broad field of computers, or web design and development. Then you can easily learn the additional skills and programming languages you need to support your future career goals.

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Senior Web Developer Profile

It's easy to describe the work of a web developer in simplistic terms. As senior web developer Roger Braunstein says, "You must write good code." But writing good code isn't actually that simple. It requires "attention to detail, autonomy, pride in your work, a thirst for learning, and of course, good problem solving," says Braunstein. "You have to be able to adapt to change and work well with other programmers."

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