Web Page Development Career Information

Find out what web developers do and explore web developer career paths.

Job Description

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A web developer acts as a website architect. Their job is to plan, build and maintain a website's infrastructure.  A major part of a web page development career consists of writing the code that allows you to search for information, or hyperlink to another web page.

They also build internal databases, reporting tools and other features necessary for the functionality of their website. Typical job duties in a web page development career will include these tasks:

  • Meeting with the web designer about implementing a web page design
  • Developing an interactive map or calculator
  • Fixing a problem in the website's database
  • Deciding on which software will make the website run fastest

Work Environment

Web developers work for companies both large and small, either as in-house staff or by contract. A web development career often consists of long and odd hours, since part of the job is maintaining the function of a site that operates 24 hours a day. It can also be hectic, because much of their work is deadline-driven.

Depending on the size of the organization, a web developer may be responsible for a variety of functions, such as planning, design and database development, or may play a more specialized role, such as only managing the database.

Career Paths

Here are some of the common job titles in the web page development career field:

Web Programmer / Developer: Programmers are responsible for the backend programming, or "wiring," of a website. They make the website work.

Content Developer / Editor: Content developers write and publish the instructions, articles and any other information that appears on the site.

Project Manager: Project managers are responsible for overseeing web development teams and ensuring that their work meets targets and deadlines.

System Administrator: Systems administrators maintain the website's server, software and hardware. They also may be responsible for the security of a company's system.

Web Designer: Web designers are responsible for generating the look and feel of a site.

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Specialized Development Careers

Web developers can also choose to specialize in certain programming languages:

Or types of websites:

  • Small business website development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Corporate website development

Or certain areas of development:

  • Web applications development
  • Web content development
  • Web database development